The vaccine

Duoprotect PepMV It is the first European vaccine that induces cross-protection in greenhouse tomato crops against infections caused by the «Sweet Cucumber Mosaic Virus» (PepMV), for all its strains, Chilean Ch2, European EU, Peruvian LP and American USA. It is presented as an aqueous suspension containing two attenuated isolates of the Cucumber Mosaic Virus, from the attenuated Chilean CH2 and Peruvian LP strains, named VC1 and VX1. Authorized for sale in Spain under registration number ES-00833. Low-risk phytosanitary, no residue
Vacuna contra virus del mosaico del pepino
Virus del mosaico del pepino

Vaccine application

The highly qualified staff of BiotechNature performs the service of application of the vaccine on tomato plants thanks to a pressure spray system. You only have to contact us so that we can travel on the appointed day with all the necessary equipment to inoculate your seedlings that have just arrived from the nursery.

The solution to combat the PepMV Virus


Frequent questions

What is Duoprotect?

Duoprotect is a natural cross-protection phytosanitary product, developed by Valto, which is applied to tomato crops to combat the cucumber mosaic virus.

How does Duoprotect work?

Through cross protection: by vaccinating plants with attenuated but very similar strains of the virus, the plant shows fewer or no symptoms when infected by an aggressive strain.

What is Duoprotect used for?

Duoprotect is used to protect tomato plants against the damaging effects of Cucumber Mosaic Virus.

What are the most common symptoms of cucumber mosaic virus?

Cucumber mosaic virus symptoms are not the same on all tomato plants. They manifest themselves in one way or another depending on the variety and age of each plant, and the conditions in which it is found. On a young plant, the first symptoms are puffy or nettle-like leaves; they often have a discolored hue as well. Yellowish spots and sometimes interveinal chlorosis appear on the older leaves. In these cases, variegated or chlorotic spots can be seen on the leaf surface. Another important symptom is the necrosis of the stems and leaves.

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How contagious is Cucumber Mosaic Virus?

Cucumber mosaic virus is highly contagious and spreads, among other means, through contaminated material such as wheelbarrows, scissors, and blades. When the sap of an infected plant is transmitted to a healthy one, the second one can also become infected.

What is the best time to treat the plant with Duoprotect?

It is best to apply the treatment as soon as possible. The sooner it is applied, the more the chance that the plant will catch an aggressive strain of the virus will be reduced.

Does Duoprotect work preventive or curative?

Duoprotect is applied to the crop preventively; By vaccinating plants with attenuated strains as soon as possible, they show few or no symptoms when in contact with an aggressive strain.

When are the plants protected?

The plant will be protected against the symptoms of this aggressive virus approximately three weeks after treatment with Duoprotect, depending on its size.

Why two strains instead of one?

The double protection offers more security than the treatment with a single strain, since there is a very real probability that the plants will be infected again with another one.

If you want to contact us with any questions about any symptom, you can send us a photograph.

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