What is cucumber mosaic virus?

Cucumber mosaic virus (PepMV) is a highly mutable virus that occurs on a large scale in greenhouse tomato crops around the world.

There are several strains of PepMV, such as LP, EU, CH2, and US1. Some variants can produce serious symptoms, such as necrosis on the foliage and stems of the plant, and soft, marbled or cracked fruits that are unsalable. The degree of appearance of symptoms depends on the genetic characteristics of the virus strain and other factors such as climate, nutrition and the condition of the plant.

PepMV is harmless to humans and animals, but affects tomato plants. The contaminated fruits can be consumed without risk.


Leaves and petioles

  • Puffed leaves or with an appearance similar to nettles.
  • Delayed leaf growth.
  • Discolored or grayish leaves.
  • Necrotic and withered leaves.
  • Yellow (chlorotic) and brown (necrotic) mosaic on leaves.
  • Yellowish spots on the most mature leaves and interveinal chlorosis.
  • Stem necrosis.



  • Yellow or orange spots on tomatoes.
  • Marbled on tomatoes.
  • Cracks and damage to the fruits (cracked fruits).

Very contagious

Cucumber mosaic virus is highly contagious and spreads, among other means, through contaminated material such as wheelbarrows, scissors, and blades.

When the sap of an infected plant is transmitted to a healthy one, the second one can also become infected. Other routes of contagion are objects that have been in contact with infected crops, such as clothing or telephones. If a plant in a greenhouse catches PepMV, it will pass it on to the others.

Diagnostic service with samples on the farm and report issuance in 72 hours

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Diagnostic service

Biotech Nature offers a very fast diagnostic service, between 48-72 hours, using real-time Q-PCR, which will allow you to carry out a control of your crop, through sweeps of phytopathogens with more than 40 determinations of fungi and bacteria, and 18 viruses.

If you want to contact us with any questions about any symptom, you can send us a photograph.

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